Nothing Better Mediation


Led by Nicole Brown, Nothing Better Mediation offers a new look to conflict resolution. Nicole starts by setting up an environment that allows each participant to feel comfortable and as relaxed as possible considering their respective situations. Following the mandatory screening process, participants are then informed of all their options before proceeding further. Mediation is a confidential process that allows each party to disclose sensitive information without fear. Once they are in the process participants are free to continue and discontinue mediation as they seem fit. The goal is always the best resolution for all parties involved.

Nicole is well verse in conflict resolution. Her most recent training in ADR and Family Mediation has given her more motivation to help families, friends and colleagues pick up the pieces when life seems to break them apart.

She has earned an Honours degree in Political Science and Psychology from York University. With the help of continuing education and connections with other mediators, Nicole will continue to work on helping others through their conflicts so that they can resolve and move forward. Nicole is motivated by seeing people work through their issues to reconcile any damages done to them by each other. Clients should be assured that Nicole will apply her skills and experience to satisfy their needs.